Even within loss, beauty can still remain

Hoping against hope is a jewellery collection that represents the turmoil and challenges that afflict our lives, the underlying beauty of the forms emphasizes that even within loss, beauty can still remain.
The bases of the pieces are the motifs that are popular across borders. These redesigned jewelleries are separate pieces of such heavily designed gold costume sets that have been used for decades in further parts of The Middle East. They represented wealth, social class, and above all, cultural status. The destruction that can be seen in the collection follows a random pattern that has been inspired by natural decay. A symbolistic choice that makes a comment about the current state of the mentioned regions. It represents a complex cultural structure that includes where the artists live. The collection contains 38 necklaces. Their Lightness and delicate design is based on a modern approach to a historical notion which was based on heavy use of metal. To continue this path, the artists used bronze instead gold which is popular in the cultures that the collection is referencing. This choice put an emphasis on a more contemporary reading. Overall, the collection should be regarded as a link between culture, geography and current state of the represented concept. Hoping against hope collection is the result of Nafiseh Khoshandam and Bahareh Ghaderi collaboration. Both artists were born in 1990 and mainly they are working on independent projects.

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Nafiseh Khoshandam & Bahareh Ghaderi are Iranian artists born in 1990. They have made art...

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