our story

Nafiseh Khoshandam & Bahareh Ghaderi are Iranian artists born in 1990. They have made art together since 2010. During their higher education, they started to take their first tentative steps towards multifaceted fields of art in collaboration with each other. To introduce them as multidisciplinary artists, they have done a four year productive course in Graphic Design, combined with 12 years of practical experience in other fields of art such as mural, public art, art medal, sculpture, jewelry design, and photography. They have been trying out new techniques and different ways and materials in which they can create and put across ideas in many different fields of art so they are mainly known as fine artists. Their subjects have derived from their personal, social, and cultural concerns so their artworks represent their feelings and opinions about the occurrence around them. Every artwork that they create has a story or message to tell. It is not all about beautifying the surrounding and environment that they live by bringing art to it. Sometimes, it is about connecting people and opening a dialogue on the connection we have with communities we don’t know.